First-rate cardiovascular (aerobic) fitness and strong muscles and bones are vital in prevention of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis. However every individual’s needs, goals and abilities differ. That’s where personal training will benefit you.

It is a one on one program designed specifically for you, the individual, in mind. It enables and empowers you through education and individual instruction to achieve your goals.All in your own private personal training gym setting designed purely for your health, fitness and wellbeing.


$70.00 per hour.


‘Buddy’ personal training (train with a partner) also offers these same advantages, but with the support of a friend working together with you as a team. This is a fantastic way to train with a trusted partner in your own private setting.


$35.00 each per hour.


With the new specifically designed and purpose built personal training studio you can further spread your group training desires.Train with up to seven friends at a fitness discipline of your choice, or leave your desired aims and goals for me to work out for you and your team.

Guaranteed a great workout in a personalized training group of your choice.

All for a total of $70.00 per hour.

or you can contact us through the quick contact form below.

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Smart Trainers proudly supports The Mirboo North School Chaplaincy Fund.
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